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US Contract Sterilization Facility Map (Electron Beam, Ethylene Oxide, and Gamma Sterilization)

At NextBeam, we recognize the importance of regional accessibility in sterilization services. We understand that prompt and conveniently located facilities are paramount for our customers. With this in mind, we’ve created the following interactive map utilizing publicly available data.

Exploring the Map

The map showcases contract sterilization facilities across the United States, categorized by sterilization method. Simply click on a location marker to access detailed information about each facility, including the facility name, address, and sterilization modality.

A map of all US-based (and some bordering) facilities by sterilization modality. Last updated 26 December 2023

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We strive to keep this map comprehensive and up-to-date. If you’re aware of any additional sterilization facilities that should be included on this map, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the form below.

Understanding Sterilization Methods

  1. Electron Beam (E-Beam) Sterilization: E-Beam stands at the forefront of advanced sterilization technologies. By harnessing the power of high-energy electrons, this method efficiently disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, ensuring unparalleled sterilization efficacy. Unlike traditional methods, E-Beam sterilization doesn’t rely on heat or chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive materials like medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Dive deeper into the innovative world of E-Beam sterilization at our exclusive sterilization resource center.
  2. Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization: While effective, EO often poses challenges due to its reliance on chemical agents. Unlike EO sterilization, E-Beam sterilization offers a non-toxic, residue-free alternative that guarantees product safety without compromising material integrity.
  3. Gamma Sterilization — Utilizing gamma rays, has long been a stalwart in the sterilization landscape. However, its reliance on radioactive isotopes presents logistical challenges and safety concerns. In contrast, E-Beam sterilization offers a radiation-free solution without sacrificing efficacy or reliability.

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