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Packaging Sterilization

Dramatically reduce lead times and gain options with reliable and sustainable E-Beam sterilization / bioreduction

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Food & Consumer
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→ Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing

Take our quiz to understand if you’re a good fit for Electron Beam sterilization

Why Choose E-Beam?

More than we can fit on a page, so here are a few highlights for the packaging industry.

Quick &

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Packaging products receive just a few seconds of precision irradiation dosing. No residuals are left on items or packaging, making them immediately safe to handle and ready for distribution. Our high-capacity, $20M facility allows us to process many truckloads daily, ensuring your product is on its way to consumers without delay.

Sustainable &

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Conventional grid power serves as the basis of E-Beam sterilization and offers a greener option for sterilization and bioreduction. Compared to Gamma or Ethylene Oxide processes, E-Beam doesn’t require source materials that are dangerously carcinogenic or radioactive.

Versatile & Effective

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Typically, any materials already qualified in Gamma see equivalent-or-better performance in E-Beam. For products coming out of EO, the majority of common packaging materials, such as Tyvek, metalized foils/films, and paper products are E-Beam compatible and work well. NextBeam can help customers run rapid, low-cost trials to confirm specific packaging integrity and functionality.


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Qualified products are safely irradiated in large quantities with reliable precision in our fully ISO-certified process. E-Beam sterilizes without heat or prolonged and oxidative radiation exposure, effectively maintaining the expected quality of your packaging.

Packaging Applications

Enhance product safety with the precision and efficiency of E-Beam.

Medical Device Packaging

Protect the sterility of vitally important products with unique requirements – especially those with complex and safety-critical packaging. Eliminate concern and risk attached to EO residuals and long-lead times for Gamma processing.

Food & Beverage Packaging

Confidently eliminate bacteria, molds, fungi, with our fully FDA-approved E-Beam technology. Safely and effectively treat bulk liquid liners, milk containers, beverage pouches, closures, and a wide variety of packaging products.


Reduce the bioburden across a variety of packaging materials and form factors: components, applicators, and brushes.

Pharmaceutical & Bioprocess Packaging

Provision packaging for high precision, high-capacity single-use systems that is ultra-clean and ready for large-scale applications.

Other Packaging Applications

Leverage E-Beam as a well-understood and future-proof form of radiation sterilization / bioreduction to help improve supply chain robustness and optionality.

The NextBeam Standard

NextBeam offers an unparalleled electron beam sterilization service that raises the industry standard.

Unparalleled Sterilization Assurance

Experience industry-leading sterilization with NextBeam, boasting a remarkable <0.5% inventory scrap rate for the utmost product safety.

Efficient Qualification Process

Skip the wait! Our dedicated team ensures your product compatibility with E-Beam technology in less than a week, providing detailed dose maps and quality reports.

Strategic Location for Swift Delivery

Strategically positioned for convenience, NextBeam’s midwestern facility location ensures your products spend less time in transit, hitting the shelves faster for increased market presence.

Leverage medical device-grade quality for your business

Our quality system is fully compliant with ISO 13485, ISO 11137, and ISO 9001 for medical device manufacturing, radiation sterilization, and quality management systems.

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E-Beam has gained traction as a superior sterilization method for a variety of packaging applications. It is well-known for its ability to effectively penetrate terminally packaged products without creating harmful residuals (a risk with EO) or unnecessary oxidative effects (as is possible with Gamma). Products evaluated in our state-of-the-art dosimetry lab are carefully assessed for quality or material changes while we determine optimal dosing measurements.
  • Maintains the integrity and safety of a range of packaging products.
  • Helps customers assure that packaging will not introduce contaminants into their production processes.
  • Ensures unparalleled quality control by meeting or exceeding rigorous ISO 13485, ISO 11137, and ISO 9001 measures.
  • Individual products usually only need a few seconds of precisely calculated irradiation, making processing bulk products and large shipments highly efficient. Once irradiated, products are immediately safe for handling: E-Beam leaves no trace of chemicals or radiation.
  • NextBeam’s state-of-the-art facility is designed for high throughput and typically processes product in under 5 days. Expedite options can be made available.