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Laboratory Supply Sterilization

Maintain the reliability and integrity of your lab and its outcomes

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Food & Consumer
Laboratory Supply
→ Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing

Take our quiz to understand if you’re a good fit for Electron Beam sterilization

Why Choose E-Beam?

More than we can fit on a page, so here are a few highlights for the laboratory supply industry.

High-Capacity Processing

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Our large, state-of-the-art E-Beam can process many full truckloads of product rapidly and efficiently each day.


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The optimized and precise treatment delivers dose in just seconds to each individual product and leaves behind no residuals, ensuring products are safe for immediate distribution.

Sustainable &

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Powered by grid electricity, E-Beam is readily accessible and more environmentally friendly than alternative methods. Unlike Gamma or Ethylene Oxide sterilization, E-Beam neither requires nor creates any dangerous carcinogenic or radioactive materials.

Consistent Outcomes

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Large quantities of qualified products are irradiated safely with reliable precision in our fully ISO-certified process.

Laboratory Science Applications

Revitalize the durability of laboratory supplies and prioritize user safety through the targeted reduction of bioburden with E-Beam sterilization.

Laboratory Animal

Protect your lab’s invaluable resources with the bioreduction of feed, bedding, and other supplies to prevent illness, contamination, and spoilage.

Enhanced Cleanroom

Maintain the integrity of your cleanroom operations. Prevent foreign microbes from entering your sterile spaces on laboratory apparel.

Single-Use Product

Supplies like gloves, pipettes, swabs, and test tubes are processed in their final packaging, reducing the risk of post-processing contamination and readying them for use at any time.


Bioreduction will ensure your labware is free of unwanted microbes and trace residuals that could adversely affect laboratory testing and results.

Growth Media

Prevent interference in culture growth by eradicating all microbial life without disrupting the composition and nutritional value of growth mediums.


Improve the precision of your experimental work by reducing the presence and impact of unknown pathogens.

The NextBeam Standard

NextBeam offers an unparalleled electron beam sterilization service that raises the industry standard.

Unparalleled Sterilization Assurance

Experience industry-leading sterilization with NextBeam, boasting a remarkable <0.5% inventory scrap rate for the utmost product safety.

Efficient Qualification Process

Skip the wait! Our dedicated team ensures your product compatibility with E-Beam technology in less than a week, providing detailed dose maps and quality reports.

Strategic Location for Swift Delivery

Strategically positioned for convenience, NextBeam’s midwestern facility location ensures your products spend less time in transit, hitting the shelves faster for increased market presence.

Leverage medical device-grade quality for your business

Our quality system is fully compliant with ISO 13485, ISO 11137, and ISO 9001 for medical device manufacturing, radiation sterilization, and quality management systems.

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E-Beam safely irradiates many products and materials without compromising quality or durability. Products qualified in our dosimetry lab will not experience undesired negative characteristic changes. Speak with one of our sterilization experts to learn more about how we tailor the dosage specifications for each product in just five days.
  • Quickly process various products, supplies, and materials for sterilization and bioreduction
  • Meet or exceed regulatory standards with exceptional quality control
  • Prevent the loss or contamination of valuable resources
  • Reduce the risk of invalid or compromised data results

Not all materials are suitable for treatment with E-Beam. Some materials may experience a change in color or other characteristics as a result of irradiation. Our sterilization experts can provide basic material compatibility guidance prior to undertaking any qualification work.

Individual products typically receive just seconds of precisely delivered radiation. No residual radiation or chemical trace is left behind, so products are immediately safe for handling, shipping, and use.