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Food & Consumer Sterilization

Preserve product quality and reduce risk with Electron Beam sterilization

Industries We Serve

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Food & Consumer
Laboratory Supply
→ Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing

Take our quiz to understand if you’re a good fit for Electron Beam sterilization

Why Choose E-Beam?

More than we can fit on a page, so here are a few highlights for the food & consumer industry.

Large Volume Processing

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Pallets of product can be processed with low dosage in just a few minutes.


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Products are processed quickly and are immediately safe for handling, so there are no delays in distribution to consumers.

Versatile & Effective

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Expect broad-spectrum coverage against microorganisms, bacteria, foodborne illnesses, and other contaminants.


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E-Beam’s cold process safeguards your food products and raw ingredients, preventing any heat-related damage or alterations.

Food & Consumer Applications

E-Beam excels at extending product shelf-life and safeguarding consumers by reducing bioburden across a diverse group of food and consumer industries.

Enhanced Food

Protect consumers by eradicating bacteria and viruses responsible for foodborne illnesses like Salmonella and E. coli.

Preservation of
Nutritional Properties

Maintain the nutritional integrity of dried plants, herbs, and spices while effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms.

Optimized Dietary

Preserve or enhance the qualities of dietary supplements and ingredients, such as resveratrol, through the E-Beam bioreduction process.

Pet Food

Eliminate contaminants in pet foods, treats, and laboratory animal feed, preventing spoilage, illness, and compromised research results.

Sanitary Consumer
Products & Packaging

Ensure the cleanliness of final products, like cosmetics, through electron beam sanitization in terminal packaging, providing customers with peace of mind.

Comprehensive Plant
Product Sterilization

Sterilize plant products like alfalfa, almonds, barley, grains, and various seeds with E-Beam to remove pathogens, prevent undesired germination, and protect against food-based illnesses.

The NextBeam Standard

NextBeam offers an unparalleled electron beam sterilization service that raises the industry standard.

Unparalleled Sterilization Assurance

Experience industry-leading sterilization with NextBeam, boasting a remarkable <0.5% inventory scrap rate for the utmost product safety.

Efficient Qualification Process

Skip the wait! Our dedicated team ensures your product compatibility with E-Beam technology in less than a week, providing detailed dose maps and quality reports.

Strategic Location for Swift Delivery

Strategically positioned for convenience, NextBeam’s midwestern facility location ensures your products spend less time in transit, hitting the shelves faster for increased market presence.

Leverage medical device-grade quality for your business

Our quality system is fully compliant with ISO 13485, ISO 11137, and ISO 9001 for medical device manufacturing, radiation sterilization, and quality management systems.

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The short answer is–yes! 

The long answer is that many raw materials and final products are suitable for E-Beam processing, but some aren’t. 

Speak with one of our qualification specialists today. Answer a few questions, and we can start validating your products in our state-of-the-art dosimetry lab. From there, we’ll develop a customized bioreduction plan for your needs and even help you optimize your product and packaging for irradiation. 

  • Processing speed and flexibility
  • Meets rigorous quality standards for bioreduction
  • Little to no adverse effects on product quality or material characteristics

Regulatory agencies dictate what can and cannot be irradiated. We comply with industry standards for irradiation, quality management systems, and medical devices outlined in ISO 13485, ISO 11137, and ISO 9001.