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NextBeam Speaks at 10th Annual Q1 Productions Sterilization Conference

March 15, 2023

Our CEO, Andrew Patton, spoke on a panel discussion alongside industry experts at the annual Q1 productions conference, which NextBeam also sponsored.

Andrew’s focus was to better highlight what NextBeam is seeing in the marketplace: sophisticated medical device customers who are not necessarily familiar enough with E-Beam as an option to help them reduce their dependence on non-sustainable modalities like EO and Gamma. He remarked, “We regularly see deeply experienced customers with advanced products who are unaware of the benefits that E-Beam can bring to them in terms of a sustainable, future-proof, and multisource supply chain. Without exception we’re always happy to freely share our expertise to help these folks develop better options for their supply chain resiliency and efficiency.”

NextBeam founder speaks at The Florida Medical Manufacturer’s Consortium Annual Symposium. The Florida Medical Manufacturer’s Consortium (FMMC) counts as its members some of the largest medical device manufacturers in the state of Florida, which is only second to California and Minnesota in terms of the total number of workers engaged in the final assembly of medical devices.

NextBeam founder Andrew Patton spoke alongside Aaron DeMent of Sotera Health, one of the two largest sterilization companies in the world, in order to compare NextBeam’s view of the sterilization market. Additionally, Andrew and Aaron discussed the future of EO and Gamma, the difficulties that some customers face when they make transitions, and why sterilization should be on the radar in Washington as politicians consider how to make our medical device supply chain more resilient in the wake of COVID-19.