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NextBeam Presents at the Texas A&M National Center for E-Beam Research Conference

April 25, 2023

Dr. Suresh Pillai is a senior professor at Texas A&M University (TAMU), the largest university in the United States. In addition to his research and academic activities, Dr. Pillai leads the National Center for E-Beam Research (NCEBR), the leading academic center for the study of E-Beam and its many applications. The NCEBR was constructed in the 1990s on the campus of Texas A&M University (TAMU), the US’s largest single university. Comprising an operational as well as research staff, the NCEBR provides invaluable support to the E-Beam community worldwide and is a common ground for industry and academia to come together and share expertise, data, and best practices.

NextBeam has worked with the NCEBR since 2021 and was delighted to sponsor the 2023 Hands-on E-Beam Conference and Workshop.

NextBeam team members Jason Cornell (Head of Operations) and Andrew Patton (CEO) attended this year’s conference at TAMU. Andrew delivered a short presentation on the state of the medical device market and how customers are increasingly seeing E-Beam as the future sterilization for a more flexible, sustainable, and resilient supply chain. Jason spent time lending his expertise to other participants as they learned about E-Beam operations and technology.

It’s always a pleasure to give back to partner institutions like the NCEBR that work tirelessly to improve the science behind our industry and better help the public understand what we do.